There is a more beautiful world that lives in our hearts.

How can we come together to share and implement this beautiful world for all beings on the planet?


The Idea

The Vision Caravan is a mobile networking platform that connects visionary people, ideas and projects across Europe.

For 12 weeks we will travel through 12 countries, inviting people to share their ideas for a positive and sustainable future. We share our visions, challenges, possible solutions and inspirations.


The Caravan aims to
  • inspire, encourage and spread existing and emerging visions and ideas for a sustainable future

  • share skills and knowledge in the areas of community and peace-building, technology, economics, ecology, the arts, to name a few

  • look for solutions to current issues in a systemic and holistic way

  • foster friendships and networks in real time with real people, to listen and to share.

Rather than having one goal or looking for one „Big Idea“ the Caravan aims to explore locally applicable approaches and solutions and to create resilience on many different levels.

Where and How

The Caravan visits 12 countries in 12 weeks. Travelling in 7-day-cycles, we will spend five days at each location setting up

  • sharing and vision circles,
  • workshops and
  • open space meetings;

Two days are for rest and travel.

The route includes Germany, Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal.


Travelling Crew
We have 15 crew spaces available, with a minimum travel commitment of 2 weeks.

The crew is open to adults of all ages and areas of interest so that all aspects of life (e.g. education, arts, healing, ecology, technology, social and spiritual) can come together.

Logistic Support and Preparation
Anyone who feels inspired to join and wishes to share his or her skills and talents is invited to apply. Currently we need

  • media geeks to spread the word on various social networks as well as in the traditional media such as radio, print and TV
  • organisation talents for networking with the various contacts along the route and setting up the practical things of such a long journey (accommodation, venues, etc.)
  • language buffs who are happy to ensure that the Vision Caravan comes across in all the languages required

Local Events
Anyone is invited to take part at the local events.  In each place we are holding “Vision Caravan Festivals” to share our ideas, dreams and projects. And of course good food, local culture and lots of fun..!


We aim to involve existing structures and institutions such as schools and universities to promote the Caravan, as well as private and professional contacts we have in our given fields.

Networks such as Transition Town, Global Ecovillage Network, etc. will be contacted as will be more formal entities such as embassies, cultural organisations, etc.

Any suitable contacts you may have are welcome.

Respectful Co-Living

We use a variety of communication styles during the Caravan such as the Native American inspired Circle Way, non-violent communication, community building, sociocracy, supportive listening to name a few. At the centre is a heart-based, non-hierarchical way of sharing that fosters equal participation of all members of a group. Conflict is not the end of relationships but many times the beginning of deeper levels of connection.

As much as practical and possible we will eat vegan food in order to show that a more peaceful and compassionate diet is not just do-able but very delicious.


We invite support on many different levels. Financial, idealistic, mental, services, contacts, spreading the word through your mailing lists, etc.

If you wish to support the journey of the Caravan financially please make your contribution to

Nicola Harder
IBAN: DE78100900001004066010

Thank you so much!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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