The Caravan crew is open to adults of all ages and areas of interest. That way all aspects of life (such as academic, artistic, healing, ecological, business, social and spiritual) can come together.
Anyone who feels inspired to join and wishes to share his or her skills and talents to create a more beautiful, sustainable and positive world is invited to apply.
We will have roughly 15 crew spaces available with a minimum travel commitment of 2 weeks.

Internet Hero/Back-Office
There is alway so much to do while travelling and internet is not always available.

You are a whiz with visual editing, facebook and other media? We  would love it if you could support the Vision Caravan by editing the raw material that we will gather on the road. For you it is a bit like a virtual travelling, for us it´s a huge relief to not have to spend endless hours in strange places with slow internet.

Of course there are quite a few expenses from bus maintenance, fuel to food, copying costs, etc. If you would like to share your abundance with us please use this account:

Nicola Harder
IBAN: DE78100900001004066029

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