Travel Route

For the next weeks I will be visiting the following locations, find visionary projects and people and hold little gatherings to talk about the „more beautiful world our hearts know“.

We will be visiting projects and people as we find or hear about them, making interviews and just sharing inspiration and hopefully lots of fun!

Week 1 1st September Sending-Off Party
Germany – Oberbrunn

Week 2 8th to 10th September
Heidis Zaubergarten, Vienna, Austria

Week 3 15th to 17th September
Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia

Week 4 22nd to 24th September

Week 5 29th Sept to 1st Oct
Drama, Greece

Week 6, 6th to 8th Oct
Bosnian Pyramids, Visoko, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Week 7 13th to 15th Oct
Zadar, Croatia

Week 8 20th to 22nd Oct
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Week 9 27th to 29th Oct
Turin, Italy

Week 10 3rd to 5th Nov
Marseille, France

Week 11 10th to 12th Nov
Girona, Spain

Week 12 17th to 19th Nov
Lisboa, Portugal


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