Want to be part of the Vision Caravan?

You can

travel with us. You have at least 2 weeks time, like getting together with people and are passionate about realising the more beautiful world that is in your heart? Give us a call, drop us a line or meet us at one of the events.

promote and/or document the journey. You are a whiz with camera or microphone? You love social media and feel at ease with the various platforms? We would love to hear from you…

give or lend us some visionary tools or resources. We can introduce this to the people along the way. After the tour you can decide if you want it back or wish to donate it.

share information and contacts. You know a great place or project along the route? A hospitable friend and/or someone who is also a passionate changemaker? Great! Please connect us.

support us financially. All the money will go towards travelling costs, vehicle maintenance, food, material for local hands-on-projects such as vegetable gardens, etc.

Account holder: Nicola Harder IBAN: DE78100900001004066010 BIC: BEVODEBB Purpose: Vision Caravan Tour 2017

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