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Allerhand am Alpenrand – Tom Lutz and his association offer great ressources for agni hotra, autonomous living, health supplements, free energy, permaculture gardening, alternative building, networking, trainings, etc.

Atelier 24 1/2 – Amazing creative playground in Grafing, near Munich. Rusydah Ziesel, singer, actress, painter helps people find access to their very own creative source.

Bärensuppe – wonderful networking project by the Berlin artist Bilbo Calvez exploring a world without money

Casa Creativa, Grafing – this is where visionaries and visions come alive –  a great space for all manner of events hosted by Lilian Kohlmann and family.

Human Connection – conscious facebook alternative – still being developed but getting there. please support this great networking platform!

Humane LandWirtschaft – how to combine agriculture and economy – a practical and down to earth approach by Erwin Kiefer

Friedensweg – the new type of peace activism rooting FOR the new culture of inclusiveness, beauty and practical application here and now. Thanks to Erich Hambach who brought it into being! You can join an event near you or create your own and include it on the internet platform.

Nachhaltiges Allgäu – a small but beautifully focused magazine for all aspects of alternative and visionary living. 

Transition Town Initiative Grafing – a very active Transition Town group – from rideshare benches (Mitfahrbankerl) to insect saving projects, repair cafe, hear sharing group, and two innovative matching services: one for bringing together house owners with too much space and people looking for accomodation and the brandnew initiative to match „relatives of choice“ such as older people as „grandparents“ or „uncles/aunts“ with children so they can have closer connections.


Lebensinselgreat place to learn and experience autonomous living – based around a Yurt not far from Innsbruck you will find trainings about many themes related to life off the grid: seed saving and exchange, conserving food the old way, building, planting, etc.

Heidi´s Zauberpark – magical place right in the city of Vienna offering trainings, talks and events on many topics of the „new world“: mediation, healing, alternative economy, etc.

Radio OkiTalk:  internet based radio with a wide variety of topics relating to change: consciousness, politics, technology, economy, ecology, etc.


ApsArt: Applied theatre project formerly working with prisoners and now with kids, adults and marginalized groups to create powerful and creative plays based in the reality of the participants. Also training courses on applied theatre for professionals.

Baštalište Community Garden – the first community garden in Belgrade. check it out:

Cirko Balkana – the kind of contemporary circus that turned me into a wide-eyed kid and reminded me of the vital importance of art and magic in our lives. highly skilled and professional yet very playful at the same time. a lot of the members live a very alternative and conscious life based on permaculture, vegetarian diet, recycling, low energy footprint etc.

Magacin – a city council sponsored art space right in the old centre of Belgrade. thanks for allowing me access for the Vision Caravan sharing circle.


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Peliti: Seeds for Freedom. Sadly, this website only comes in Greek – it is a fantastic seed saving/spreading project based in Drama, Northern Greece with 25 groups around Greece and Bulgaria – all based on voluntary work. Once a year they organize an international seed festival that Manu Chao supports.


Bosnian Pyramids: Lots of controversy around these „hills“ – however, those able to feel energies have no doubt that something is really happening around the pyramids of the sun, moon and dragon near the small town of Visoko. 


Leo Novosel: he is a young gongmaster who knows all about energies and how to transform them using his singing bowls and gongs. 


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Peliti: Seeds for Freedom. Sadly, this website only comes in Greek – it is a fantastic seed saving/spreading project based in Dr


Le Presage Solar Restaurant: A great idea in a great place – Le Présage is Frances first and only solar restaurant run by the engineer turned chef Pierre-André Aubert. His approach is completely wholistic, regional, seasonal and organic. With his huge solar mirror he prepares truly innovative dishes.


Transition Town Spain: The people in the Transition Town movement in Barcelona are very active – not just regionally and nationally but as far reaching as Latin America via regular Zoom meetings. I admire their many projects and their upbeat spirit!


Biovilla: From visionaries for visionaries. About an hour south of Lisbon this is a wonderful place for workshops with homegrown food and ecological accommodation. Founded by a group of „out of the box thinkers“ they try to make the impossible possible.

Monte da Vida: A beautiful piece of land, as remote as it gets, in the Alentejo region that is all about restoration of land and spirit. They already worked wonders on their land including water retention, amazing architecture and of course vegetable growing. 

Quinta dos 7 Nomes: A well seasoned organic cooperative just outside Sintra, close to the coast. 

Courelas do Monte: Great organic farm based on permaculture principles just outside Evora. Their owners are truly visionary folks.

Sementes Livres: Based at the GAIA neighbourhood group in the Alfama of Lisbon, these folks hang with the likes of Vandana Shiva and organise big things all around free organic seeds. Great group!







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Ajudada Gift Economy Conference, Portalegre, Portugal

Water Symposium, Tamera, Portugal


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