The Vision Caravan is a mobile networking platform that connects visionary people, ideas and projects across Europe.

For 12 weeks we will travel through 12 countries, inviting people to share their ideas for a positive and sustainable future. We share our visions, challenges, possible solutions and inspirations. And we will implement great ideas as much as possible.


There is a more beautiful world that lives in our hearts.

And it already exists – in many small projects and ideas everywhere. 

The Vision Caravan wants to make this new and beautiful world visible and share it across cultural and language barriers in Europe.

For 12 weeks we invite people to come together to share and implement these ideas for all beings on the planet.

We create rich spaces to explore „the more beautiful world“ on all levels: heart, head and hand.

The Caravan aims to

  • inspire, encourage and spread existing and emerging visions and ideas for a sustainable future
  • put visionary ideas into practice
  • share skills and knowledge in the areas of community and peace-building, technology, economics, ecology, the arts, to name a few
  • look for solutions to current issues in a systemic and holistic way
  • foster friendships and networks in real time with real people, to listen and to share.

Rather than having one goal or looking for one „Big Idea“ the Caravan  explores locally applicable approaches and solutions and creates resilience on many different levels