The Caravan visits 12 countries in 12 weeks. 

Travelling in 7-day-cycles, we will spend five days at each location setting up

  • interviews and project visits
  • sharing and vision circles,
  • workshops and
  • open space meetings
  • at least one day per location for putting visions into practice

Two days are for rest and travel.

The route includes Germany, Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal.



We use a variety of communication styles during the Caravan such as the Native American inspired Circle Way, non-violent communication, community building, sociocracy, supportive listening to name a few. At the centre is a heart-based, non-hierarchical way of sharing that fosters equal participation of all members of a group. Conflict is not the end of relationships but many times the beginning of deeper levels of connection.

As much as practical and possible we will prepare vegan food to show that a more peaceful and compassionate diet is not just do-able but very delicious.